COVID19 vaccination keeps all safer

At 5Oct’21, COVID19 vaccination rates are good so far in Cashmere – East 87.1% & West 89.8%. Now is the time for community conversation to keep our preparedness moving forward, to keep lessening the pandemic health disaster that originated overseas and is immediately ahead of us. Kia kaha #GetTheJab Kia ora – CREST

For comparison, and if you know people in the less-privileged areas, please gently reach out to them now. Kia ora

More info, data source: COVID-19 Vaccination uptake rates across NZ – Ministry of Health

Update 12Oct’21

On our suburb’s own initiative, a week later the figures have risen to 90.1% and 92.1% of first jabs done, for Cashmere East & Cashmere West respectively. Well done, many thanks! ref.

A nationwide ‘Super Saturday’ event is organised for those missing out so far, this weekend, with a televised ‘Vaxathon‘ in support. Canterbury details here.

Update 19Oct’21

A week later our figures have risen to 91.8% and 93.6% of first jabs done, for Cashmere East & Cashmere West respectively. ref.

While the Super Saturday event – through material incentives and party mood (overt campaigning) – did lift a day’s vaccination rate to something like the voluntary rush of a month or two ago, the total still badly lags that considered safe: <85% of eligible population vaccinated must become 95%+ for CoViD Delta outbreak to be made safely manageable.

In explanation, instinctively most people know the clear and present danger corporate governments are to their communities, families and good selves, so many will counteract this in their choices. With wrong reasoning borne of genuine fear, unfortunately some are rejecting vaccination – at their own great risk.

The Labour-presbyterian robbery and dark repression of Cashmere community substantiates such oppositional feelings; this criminal cluster actively prevents our community engagement in the vaccination campaign and therefore in our own well-being, for its own strategic interests.

Voluntarism is neither understood nor respected by the corrupt core monopolising governance.

Government itself thus is a CoViD vectoring threat. i.e. Get vaccinated to be able to counter it. Kia ora

Update 26Oct’21

Feeding the vulnerable under lockdown

With everyone staying home under level 4 lockdown, be aware of your neighbours’ situations. If they are isolated and alone, perhaps vulnerable, they may need shopping help. Services are on call for this. – for Auckland only.

Countdown, New World, Funky Pumpkin etc have home deliveries organised online.

If stuck for food, contact local foodbanks for help:

New government advice sheet: Access to food or essential items – August 2021

Rolling news: Tales of lockdown – ‘There’s more despair this time’ + Delayed Covid-19 transfers affect families: ‘Major issues around food supplies’ + Government funding for extra 60,000 food parcels Aug 28

⁠More information / comparison story of first lockdown, 18 months ago:

Caring for each other and the neighbourhood, kia kaha.

Kia ora


Update 27 August: Lockdown level 4 has been extended for us until 31 August at the soonest – NZ south of Auckland to shift to level 3 at midnight Tuesday. Thus we have more advisories to usefully share today:

Q and A with Prof Tony Blakely: Why it’s too late for elimination strategy in NSW

Airborne spread of viruses ‘vastly underappreciated’ – study re Airborne transmission of respiratory viruses report in Science journal.

For the benefit of all communities, this raises the key question in good pandemic response: trust. Trust in two critical respects..

In Aylmer, Ontario – one of the least vaccinated parts of Canada – the community works at convincing the vaccine hesitant to get COVID-19 shots by seeing “It’s all about trust”:

It is the same task here in NZ.

That expected by the governing corporate party is not reciprocated, manipulation is the game. Labour-aligned criminal thieving and vandalism are done strategically, to dis-empower the people and create dependency on their governing power.

Corporate media have parallel failings that communities need be cautioned by, for maximising our well-being. Stuff’s ‘Neighbourly’ marketplace trades on false pretences, for example, with a heavy and corrupt filter over what constitutes community.

Current global covid statistics, a 2% death rate:

COVID-19 variants and vaccine effectiveness, Immunisation Advisory Centre,

Immunity To COVID-19 Could Last Longer Than You’d Think, NPR, USA.

Covid-19: NZ should aim for more than 90% vaccinated – epidemiologist Rod Jackson

COVID-19: Vaccine data, Data and statistics about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand, Ministry of Health NZ + Wikipedia COVID-19_vaccination in NZ

Vaccination milestone: 50.1% of Aotearoa residents have now had one or two covid jabs – NZ Herald, 30 Aug 2021

Vaccine Tracker: How many Kiwis have been vaccinated?, NZ Herald Mar’21 + Covid-19 Charting New Zealand’s vaccine rollout, Newsroom

Two days later, 2.6% vaccinated added = 52.7% ready
Two days later, 3% vaccinated added = 55.7% ready
Two days later, 2.7% vaccinated added = 58.4% ready
Two days later, 1.7% vaccinated added = 60.1% ready
Two days later, 2.3% vaccinated added = 62.4% ready
Two days later, 2.1% vaccinated added = 64.5% ready
Two days later, 1.4% vaccinated added = 65.9% ready
Two days later, 1.7% vaccinated added = 67.6% ready
Two days later, ‘4.0%’ vaccinated added ?!? = 71.6% ready (140,000 of those eligible have been dropped)
Two days later, 1.5% vaccinated added = 73.1% ready
Two days later, 1.0% vaccinated added = 74.1% ready
Two days later, 1.2% vaccinated added = 75.3% ready
Two days later, 1.0% vaccinated added = 76.3% ready
Two days later, 0.7% vaccinated added = 77.0% ready
Two days later, 0.6% vaccinated added = 77.6% ready

Spread among vulnerable raises fears of upturn in Covid-19 cases – 29 September 2021

Two days later, 0.7% vaccinated added = 78.3% ready
Two days later, 0.6% vaccinated added = 78.9% ready
Two days later, 0.5% vaccinated added = 79.4% ready
Two days later, 1.0% vaccinated added = 80.4% ready
Two days later, 0.9% vaccinated added = 81.3% ready
Two days later, 0.6% vaccinated added = 81.9% ready
Two days later, 0.8% vaccinated added = 82.7% ready
Two days later, 0.7% vaccinated added = 83.4% ready
Two days later, 1.3% vaccinated added = 84.7% ready
Two days later, 0.4% vaccinated added = 85.1% ready
Two days later, 0.5% vaccinated added = 85.6% ready
Two days later, 0.5% vaccinated added = 86.1% ready
Two days later, 0.5% vaccinated added = 86.6% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 86.9% ready
Two days later, 0.6% vaccinated added = 87.5% ready
Two days later, 0.5% vaccinated added = 88.0% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 88.3% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 88.6% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 88.9% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 89.2% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 89.5% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 89.8% ready
Two days later, 0.4% vaccinated added = 90.2% ready
Two days later, 0.2% vaccinated added = 90.4% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 90.7% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 91.0% ready
Two days later, 0.3% vaccinated added = 91.3% ready
Two days later, 0.2% vaccinated added = 91.5% ready
Two days later, 0.4% vaccinated added = 91.9% ready

A huge thank you to all the heroes – in Te Tai Tokerau / Northland, Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Taupo and Whanganui regions especially – working so very hard on this vaccination campaign. Kia kaha. Kia ora koutou kaatoa.

2021 pandemic trajectory

Coronaviruses – a brief history – The Conversation, 15 Apr’20

Coronavirus is evolving but so are our antibodies – The Conversation, 18 Mar’21

Coronavirus: ‘Double mutant’ Covid variant found in India – BBC, 25 Mar’21

As India confronts a ‘double mutation’, what is the state of Covid variants, and what do they mean for vaccines? – TheSpinoff, 29 Mar’21

“it doesn’t seem like the double mutant variant lowers the effectiveness of vaccines or treatments” but increases covid transmissibility – A New Double Mutant Variant of COVID Was Detected in California – Here’s What We Know So Far –, 5Apr’21

‘Double mutant’ COVID-19 variant colonises lungs directly, evades RT-PCR: Experts –, 21 Apr’21

Delta Covid variant has a new mutation called ‘delta plus’: Here’s what you need to know – + Covid 19 coronavirus: Fears new Delta Plus mutation could resist treatment – NZ Herald, 24 Jun’21

“Pfizer vaccine was 88 per cent effective against Delta, compared to 93 per cent effective against Alpha” – Double dose of vaccines effective against Delta –, 23 Jul’21

“The delta variant of the coronavirus appears to cause more severe illness than earlier variants and spreads as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal federal health document.. data showing that vaccinated people who became infected with delta shed just as much virus as those who were not vaccinated.. we have to become comfortable with coronavirus not going away” – ‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe – The Washington Post, 29 Jul’21

“a greater proportion of Delta cases need emergency care than those with the Alpha variant” – Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant – transmission and vaccine effectiveness – The Immunisation Advisory Centre

“These Aren’t Shortages – They’re the Beginning of the Longest, Hardest Economic Collapse in History” – The Future of the World Economy is Perma-Crisis – Eudaimonia & Co, 3 Oct’21

New Delta variant cases double in two weeks amid fears it could beat Covid jabs –, 4 Oct’21

(in summary) t.b.c. … DRAFT

COVID-19 level 4 lockdown 18 Aug 2021

Level 4 lockdown is in place for all of Weds, Thurs, Fri this week – further notice pending. Stay in your bubble and home as much as possible, be safe if going out for essential reasons only. More info: +

Kia ora. Kia kaha

Update: lockdown level 4 extended for all of Aotearoa New Zealand from 20-24 August.

Update: lockdown level 4 extended for Auckland until 31 August and for all the rest of Aotearoa New Zealand until 27 August, provisionally.

Age 60+ COVID-19 vaccination opens

People aged 60+ can now go online to to reserve their spot to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Airport, Merivale or Fendalton had the closest venue options open to bookings on day 1.

For more local information, go to the CDHB site

The proximity and choice will likely improve over time. Our two nearest covid clinics are:

Barrington Hub at Barrington Mall

The Princess Margaret Hospital (Cashmere Radiology)

but these are “only available to people in Groups 1, 2 and 3 with a priority booking code… vaccinations are by appointment only. Walk-in/stand-by vaccinations are not available” –

All sites offering COVID-19 vaccination are listed at

UPDATE 29 July: appointments available today at PMH (Cashmere Radiology) via BookMyVaccine.

Pop up vaccination clinics can occur any day – keep an eye on – and there’s a growing number of pharmacies offering the free shot if you book in ahead, across the district.

Kia kaha. Kia orana.

Labour rob Cashmere, corrupt council, endanger lives

‘All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’
– attributed to the 18th-century philosopher of democratic reform, Edmund Burke.

The fraud conducted at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, in the name of Cashmere residents – mostly to benefit Labour Party interests in return for kickbacks – cannot continue.

Our CREST community response was established there in 2013 and has been quite rigorously tested, which drew out the criminal actions and intent of the Labour-aligned participants.

In February 2018, when the CREST plan operative since 2015 was put to an exercise test, towards further development, pure thievery erupted around the church. Since then they have pretended this worse than petty crime never took place. The Labour-Presbyterian group claims itself to be ‘CREST in committee’ when all they have done is rob – and prevent – any real Cashmere community response; especially by pillaging Cashmere Residents’ Association Inc. whose assets have all been stolen or destroyed.

Christchurch City Council civil defence should know the difference – itself very aware of the crime that proliferates around welfare response hubs (as their reason for usually shutting them down as early as possible) – but they have not seemed to so far. Council staff are too often pressured into complicity with ruling caste crime. Thus communities lack local government they can trust and rely on, currently.

The risks here are high and rise ominously, when “there is a 75% probability of an Alpine Fault earthquake occurring in the next 50 years” – We have lived through a recent series, a decade of natural disasters including major earthquakes, so well understand the importance of local response – which is why Cashmere community founded CREST in 2013 and maintains it.

Unfortunately experience since has shown that very determined action – against the Labour-Presbyterian criminal caste ensconced in south Christchurch and council corruptly – will be required to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

In February 2018, CREST – through the politically neutral CRA – had a council permit and modest funds from Red Cross, for a community lunch exercise of the CREST plan. But the only response from the Labour-aligned around the Cashmere church was to attack the CRA leadership of CREST in an effort to seize – STEAL – material assets, a shocking and disgusting turn of events.

The criminal names effecting the Labour thefts were Purdie, Murahidy, Troughton and later Morrell. Minister Purdie was sent away by parishioners eventually for breach of trust, but Troughton has only contrived to increase ill-gotten gains for the Labour-church gang since – zero admission of guilt. CREST was withdrawn from the church in June, pending goodwill.

Cashmere Primary School withdrew from the CREST event of 2018 and participation has been falsified since, by Clearwater for Labour. Cashmere Rotary has joined in the robbery of Cashmere residents – despite being absent from the planning and execution of 2018’s plan exercise – paid off / used by Troughton to cover (lend authority to) the Labour-Presbyterian crime.

Appeal to police and courts for community justice gets nowhere because Labour offenders know they can always just lie, trading on superior status – a privileged cabal of lawyers, clerics, academics and etc. They dishonestly connive, exploit and destroy, to ensure dependency upon them as governors can only grow – by attacking all independence. They actively prevent communities from looking after themselves in any way, which qualifies Labour as a truly right-wing, anti-community hierarchy of totalitarian dictate. When police are made into accomplices by such professional criminals, should we be surprised?

Rate-payer funds are also being siphoned, embezzled by this group. Against civil defence staff advice, in June 2019, Councilor Clearwater had his pocket, (corrupted) all-Labour community board pay his wife ‘community’ funds to spend at and with the church.

Thus, in terms of response, the false ‘CREST committee’ at Cashmere Presbyterian can only be relied upon to never respond to an emergency with Cashmere community – the single purpose of CREST – but instead is only interested in profiting from the idea, the image of care, diverting resource to benefit parishioners domiciled elsewhere. We have the historic evidence now. Fraud like this is a critical public issue to expose and bring to justice – as a creeping, harmful emergency in itself. Politics imposed into community work, that ends volunteering – except in service to ‘the all-powerful party’ – is a hostile-deadly plague to be stopped with urgency now.

N.B. There never has been community emergency preparedness of scale, under Labour (or National) state administration, i.e. forever, to date. The 2010-11 earthquakes here were a wake up for us, that: 1. major natural disaster can and will happen any time; and 2. communities must and will pull together to get themselves through the hard times / shit, e.g. east side / New Brighton area had to do just that in 2011 re liquefaction, water and food distribution, etc. Civil defence was inadequate and denounced as such, in that instance. Now we can see exactly why there’s such a gross preparedness void. Because we have tried very hard to fill it. What we discovered was that the Clearwater-Morrell syndicate (once ‘Labour-2021’) would strip every single item of value off our residents, then especially any credit for having made preparedness steps (a CREST response plan and 2018 development exercise). The city is proving highly rotten at core which this criminal example exposes to light.

Cashmere residents be warned – no safe community space exists here. Our project to prepare refuge and collaboration to mitigate the effects of future disasters has been hijacked by an entrenched and venal minority. You are advised to maintain reliable emergency stores in your homes.

[Do visit again for future draft edits and more detail.]

Kia ora. Kia kaha.


Wellington-NZ COVID alert, 24 June 2021

It is time to start wearing masks in public, people. Also to register all location visits. Thank you.

Stay safe all. … Kua mutu? … How can we do more?

Cashmere community has an emergency response plan. But the Labour-presbyterian criminal cartel fraudulently acts in our name, siphoning public funds from their people at council to their people at the church. They have stolen our residents’ group bank reserves and most other assets. Should COVID death sweep these streets it will be on these charlatans’ heads. Justice will come to those who would profit from disaster.

Cashmere Residents’ Association responded to the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquake experience by growing the resource conversation between city council civil defence and a local church, to initiate the Cashmere Residents’ Emergency Support Team / CREST in 2013. We started emergency planning together in April 2014 and declared the CREST plan operative in March 2015.

Snow, rain and fire storms were soon all weathered by the new group, plus the Kaikoura quake tsunami risk. But a temporary change of minister at the church spelled disaster for CREST itself, as the newcomer knew nothing of Christchurch quake community spirit and saw this only as earning opportunity for their church office. Silvia Purdie – the wife of the NZ Army chaplain on contract at Burnham camp – would soon be forced out by her flock for breach of trust, but not before she had forced robbery of Cashmere community, with very clear Labour interest. Thus we have corruption on high, to be remediated. It is important to understand this history, to understand and develop preparedness and greater resilience.

The fact that the church refused to review Purdie’s actions and, instead as cover up, have brazenly continued pointed crime against Cashmere community teaches a lot:

1. The reason there was no community preparedness work before the earthquakes is the same as that which follows: competitive grab as a mainstream culture taught by society’s leaders – all available resources are seized.

2. Presbyterianism itself has deep dishonesty, of intrigue for profit with a low root of murder (Mary, Queen of Scots) and very devious acts. Trust is not available there.

3. Fronting local government, for the city council, undermining sound civil defence and community well-being, extending Presbyterian crime as Labour-owned rort here, is the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Fraud (board).

4. ‘Soft’, imperial social-fascism (‘social-democracy’ as mediated and indirect democracy) grows in this way as perpetual rort, robbing assorted community output and assets, disabling the principled volunteerism at society’s base so independent community sense and capability fail.

5. Social-fascist (Labour Party) power is the only constant – growing community dictatorship contributes to disasters as worse social outcomes than they otherwise would be.

Our organised community response is inevitably needed again and has these shocking historical obstacles of dishonesty and broken trust to overcome, first and foremost. Help each other to help our selves. That is the task immediate before us. Kia kaha.

Kia ora

Heavy Rain Warning, 30 May 2021

‘Public urged to stay home during heavy flooding’

“Police are dealing with a number of callouts in Canterbury after heavy flooding. We are aware a number of people have been leaving their homes to check out the flooding, putting themselves at serious risk. Police urge everyone in the affected areas to stay home, hunker down and wait for the weather to pass if they don’t absolutely need to go outside. Putting yourself at risk by sightseeing the floodwaters also puts emergency services and rescue crews at risk. For the latest information about the flooding situation please consult the Civil Defence Emergency Management website. Noho ora mai, New Zealand Police.

Met Service – Weather – Persistent rain with heavy falls. Strong or gale southeasterlies, severe gusting 120 km/h in exposed places including Banks Peninsula.Issued: 10:23am Sun, 30 May 21. Heavy Rain Warning Valid: 26 hrs from 9:00am Sunday to 11:00am Monday Strong Wind Warning Valid: 26 hrs from 9:00am Sunday to 11:00am Monday. You are receiving this message because you are part of Gets Ready at – See active alerts.

CCC Wet Weather Update – Monday 31st May 2021
If you don’t need to travel please don’t. It has been heartening to hear of people checking up on their neighbours. Take care. For live updates on the wet weather situation, please visit: If anyone is living close to a river or waterway is feeling at all unsafe, please self-evacuate. If you wish to report a problem in your area, please contact our call centre on 941 8999 or 0800 800 169.
Road Closures in Christchurch City:
Avondale Rd – CLOSED – New Brighton Rd / Bassett St to Breezes Rd
Avonside Dr – CLOSED – Retreat Rd to Woodham Rd
Avonside Dr – CLOSED – Wainoni Rd to Torlesse St
Aynsley Tce – CLOSED – Centaurus Rd to Opawa Rd
Clarendon Tce – CLOSED – Full length
Cumor Tce – CLOSED – Full length
Eastern Tce – CLOSED – Tennyson St to Malcom Ave
Eglinton St – CLOSED – Breezes Rd to Woolley St
Ford Rd – CLOSED – Opawa Rd to Newberry Rd
Hulverston Dr – OPEN – Severe Flooding – Avondale Rd to Orrick Cres
Maces Rd / Ruru Rd – CLOSED at the intersection
McCormacks Bay Rd – CLOSED – Full length
New Brighton Rd – CLOSED – Bower Ave to Pages Rd / Hawke St
Newport St – CLOSED – Emlyn Pl to Wainoni Rd
Oakridge Tce – CLOSED – Wales St to Nicholls St
Owles Tce – CLOSED – Hardy St to Collingwood St
Richardson Tce – CLOSED – Full length
River Rd – CLOSED – North Parade to Banks Ave
Wholley St – CLOSED – Avondale Rd to Waratah St

See also

All routes south are currently closed

State highway update – 1 June 2021

SH1 Burnham to Dunsandel
SH1 Ashburton, The Ashburton (Hakatere) River Bridge
SH1 Temuka remains closed with closure now from Donald St to Lynnford Rd in Hinds. SH73 Springfield to Castle Hill – next update due by midday Thursday, 3 June SH77 Darfield to Mount Hutt

SH77 Mount Hutt to Winchmore
SH79 Orari to Rangitata

SH1 Ashburton near Saunders Rd – Flooding
SH1/SH8 Timaru to Fairlie – Flooding
SH75 Barrys Bay to Birdlings Flat
SH77 Mount Hutt to Winchmore – Flooding
SH79 Geraldine to Rangitata – Flooding
SH8 Fairlie to Tekapo (Burkes Pass) – Flooding
SH82 Station Peak – Flooding

– Christchurch City Council – issued at 9am

Suppliers arrange truck routes as southern businesses feel pinch

Aftermath: Farmers severely impacted

Labour-church-council criminals rob Cashmere, embezzle public funds #CrookedClerics

From 2018 to 2020 – behind this fence, pictured in October 2020 – Labour-church criminals robbed Cashmere community blind; leaving us grossly misled and unprepared for AF8, without sound reason.

Our residents’ group was stripped of all assets and destroyed, as a political hit involving corrupt church and city council officials on the Labour party periphery. ‘Disgusting’ goes nowhere near describing the shallow, coarse, petty and acquisitively rotten behaviours displayed by otherwise ‘noteworthy’ persons, here in this peaceful Christchurch suburb. Over $5,000 of residents’ funds have been stolen, amongst other pointless damages.

They have left our humble community fragmented, debased and much more greatly at risk – in emergencies and day to day – because Labour corruption infects the state of New Zealand, police and court: Cashmere and Christchurch preparedness have been foolishly undermined.

Cashmere Residents’ Association (CRA) reformed, on a ninety-year history of periodic resurgences, in 1996 – responding to Labour government 1989 Local Government Act and 1991 Resource Management Act reforms, to provide local feedback on new land developments. The new CRA, independently organised, variously waxed and waned from 1996 until its destruction by a dishonest Labour-oriented hit squad in 2018. These are them below. In twenty-two years of trying to exist there was a stand-out hobbler of the CRA committee who ultimately – for Labour control purposes – brought it rapidly crashing down one day, on an egotistical whim:

  1. Leona Murahidy, court perjurer – via partner in crime, Ralph Roden. Murahidy stole the Cashmere Residents’ newsletter of February 2018 then lied to both NZ Police and District Court to obstruct their recovery and delivery to their true owners, the residents. Next Murahidy deleted all of the CRA banking records – who can imagine why? … As nominal ‘Secretary’ of CRA, Murahidy had never fulfilled the role beyond social secretary of the group and as usual collator of newsletter content and distribution coordinator, which was to be issuing – for her friends – clear Labour bias. Murahidy hijacked the CRA committee meetings to her lounge, a Friday night drinking venue, to complete privatisation and invite external liquidation processes. Labour agents then had free rein to dismember a modest but increasingly respected, volunteer public service institution of substance. It is Murahidy’s fence illustrated, during 2020’s general election campaign, above.
  2. Silvia Purdie, former short-term Presbyterian minister in Cashmere, motivator of and conspirator with Murahidy. Purdie launched vitriolic attack upon CRA that ultimately – although she was roundly ejected by her flock for an internal breach of trust first – saw Cashmere Presbyterian criminally obtain bulk residents’ funds.
  3. David Morrell, Anglican and Canterbury District Health Board leader, oversaw theft of all the Cashmere Residents’ funds – to benefit Labour objectives, his political ally base ‘2021’; oh the irony in that date. Church propriety is thus thoroughly in question, despite Morrell’s imprimatur, most signally.
  4. David Troughton, Beckenham resident, has led the siphoning of Cashmere Residents’ funds into Cashmere Presbytery, ignoring / taking advantage of the turmoil the corrupt Purdie chose to create, despite his own conflicts with her at their church. Troughton also hosts Labour signage on his fence regularly.
  5. Joan Blatchford, former CRA chair and on-and-off city council staff member, pulled the 2018 significant group of indignant and petitioning CRA members aside – in a closed process on council grounds – to confuse, mislead and neutralise their complaint. The bulk of CRA members and the broader Cashmere community were never informed or involved in the process of resolving conflict within their organisation, most corruptly, thanks to this outright betrayal of trust. Blatchford has the backing of former Cashmere project partner, now mayor’s office staffer, Mary Richardson – who falsifies public records to advantage Labour aspirations: community board example in 2015.
  6. Every criminal plot needs a mastermind, a lead influencer, it seems. In this case it has been Phil Clearwater, local campaign leader and 2007 etc running mate of Morrell for Labour-2021. Tying this social disaster for Cashmere community together, at its heart, is Clearwater feeding through ill-gotten funds for his wife to spend at Troughton’s church, asserting corrupt power over residents. That has happened already three ways, in the name of Cashmere Residents, illegitimately: i. Following Purdie and Murahidy’s lead, the CRA preparedness work at Cashmere Presbyterian was crashed – abused and negated – so that Pam Clearwater could be installed as treasury holder over the residents’ resilience initiative there; ii. Pretending all was business as usual, Pam Clearwater could then receive rate-payer funds too – siphoned through Phil’s pocket, all-Labour community board and into Pam’s hands, for spending at the church. Council staff had advised against this but were overruled by the community board; iii. Morrell used accountant Richard Leete, a neighbour and member of the church, to funnel CRA funds to Pam Clearwater when the pair – installed secretly, illegally by Blatchford – wound the CRA up in 2020.

Who can prepare our community now, for its greatest disaster challenge ahead, viz Plans… before Alpine Fault quake hits? Corruption – dishonest manipulation for power, wealth and influence – trumps all in the Labour way. Communities are disabled, gutted and actively laughed at, here – left to a natural event fate. Lives may avoidably be lost! This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The fact that New Zealand disaster preparedness is inadequate is largely if not mostly due to Labour’s corrupt (party-first) development methodology. They have let the field languish – as last of all concerns, indefinitely – but if anyone steps up to fill the void they will smash them to claim credit for any initiative seen. So nothing much has progressed or can under Labour rule.

Adequate New Zealand disaster preparedness depends wholly on getting past the obstacle that Labour grasping power trips put in our communities’ way.

Kia ora.

Kia kaha,


To be cont’d.

Coronavirus alert, local scanning today, 4 Nov 11.30am-4.30pm, Cashmere

“A pop-up Covid-19 testing centre will be open in the carpark of Christchurch’s Princess Margaret Hospital today.

People concerned about the two new community cases of Covid-19 in the city are being encouraged to go there for a free test.

No appointment is required, and people do not need to have symptoms.” —

Covid-19: Genome sequencing of infected health worker links case to fishing crew – RNZ

+ Covid-19: Genome sequencing links first Christchurch community case to fishermen – Stuff

Re Pop up COVID-19 testing tomorrow in car park at the Princess Margaret Hospital – CDHB

No other community Covid-19 cases in NZ today after second managed isolation worker revealed last night – TVNZ, graphic:

Screenshot at 2020-11-06 09-07-18-crop

Coronavirus: Second Christchurch managed isolation worker tests positive for COVID-19 – TV3

Update, 6 Nov – COVID-19 testing continues to be available for Cantabrians – CDHB

Cashmere crime, #EQ worse is to come

Today we breathe a sigh of cautious relief. Our community has held together, backed the health professionals and each other, to isolate, quarantine and get through coronavirus management stage one quite safely. We don’t want a repeat, so congratulations, well done, stay the course.

With 2020’s CoViD-19 pandemic held at bay, for now at least, crisis may be easing. While ready to return to emergency status if needed, now we must also rebuild the broad social strength we had before disaster. We have been given pause to think. To absorb all the lessons of one tumultuous decade for Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand / Otautahi, Waitaha, Te Wai Pounamu me Te Ika a Maui: ‘Aotearoa’. Ensuring we have truth at all times in pursuing this.[1]

A mild mid-pandemic aftershock earthquake reminded us of the tectonic past and future for our locality; before this one, nationally significant, also. Fielding historic global plague disease, where we stayed at home to help halt virus spread, we might see that, on top of a shattering decade not quite gone, still worse is yet to come: AF8 (Alpine Fault magnitude 8+) national preparedness. Without delay we must resume urgent community preparedness for a scale of New Zealand emergency not yet witnessed. We have much experience to contribute to the essential work. This is hugely challenging; almost as much as the natural catastrophe ahead. The truth discomfits and shocks, almost matching the stupendous earthquake hazard here.

From 2011 to 2018, Cashmere community had earthquake preparedness actively underway, inspiring neighbouring suburbs through a healthy residents’ group developing a response plan. But we were then robbed: attacked, shattered and stolen from, as a community, for base material political reasons. Disgusting offence was rained upon a placid, inoffensive, genuine volunteering Cashmere community, trying to look after itself just a little.

A right-wing organisation attacked us and stalks our streets – a gangster group tracing back to 1930s origins and flavoured social-fascist in the ignorant, brutal and unsubtle methods of that period, having inherited a role of privilege from then.

Cashmere residents’ organisation – the Cashmere Residents’ Association re-founded in 1996 – has been robbed, gutted and destroyed by a criminal league between the New Zealand Labour Party periphery and involving the local presbyterian church. The residents’ preparedness, based at the church, was stolen from there and CRA finances taken over by a church representative , CRA non-member Leete. Twice the church was asked to run a holding account for the residents’ preparedness work and twice they refused, with ‘enough to do already of their own’ and not wanting responsibility here. So the CRA had to open its own account for this purpose, for CREST, and to seek funds to progress.[2] But as soon as the CRA successfully applied for some Christchurch Red Cross funds being distributed by ACTIS, for its basic good work, new church minister Purdie tried to steal it: wanting to splurge on an extravaganza lunch at the church ‘fit for [Labour] dignitaries’ instead of the basic community barbeque that has support. Frustrated, Purdie attacked and easily helped destroy CRA residents’ autonomy – as part of Labour local dictate. These politicians then gave over rate monies, to be feted with the proposed splurge later.[3] Purdie has since been sent down the road, by the congregation, for reading private feedback comments elicited by the church clerks. An external hire, with no experience of the Canterbury earthquakes but wanting to profit from them, the Purdie fit was non-existent.

Church elder Troughton has acted to cover up for the minister, pretend nothing has happened and that the CRA CREST plan goes on without CRA. This abject fraud, for extending the local Labour hegemony, was to attract rate-payer funds directly to the church and away from residents. Councillor and community board member Clearwater siphoned city council funds – against city council staff advice – to his wife to spend at the church, on the now falsified and off-course CREST community plan. CREST had been suspended immediately the presbyterian church began its robbery attacks upon Cashmere Residents’ Association (done to service extended Labour hegemony, for the first time since the suburb was brought under city administration since the local government reforms of 1989 – it had always been part of Heathcote County Council before that time).

A party of lawyers, preachers, academics and journalists, Labour went completely off-course when elected to government in 1984: “it was easily seduced and flattered by big business support. … the Labour Party’s old trade union base was largely ignored but kept modestly quiescent… Treasury, the Treasury Ministers and big business colluded to restructure much of the economy on the basis of a thoroughgoing neo-classical ideology misleadingly called Rogernomics. … corporatisation of state trading entities … in 1987 … the vote was well up in the wealthier suburbs and well down in the old heartland … [making] New Zealand … more socially divided, with greater extremes of wealth and poverty, an inadequate consensus around social goals.” – The 1st Term of the 4th Labour Government, Michael Cullen speech, 30 April 2004.

More of the Labour-aligned criminality was seen within the Cashmere Residents’ Association itself. Long-servers Murahidy and Roden, in partnership asserted a level of ‘ownership’ over CRA committee doings – these had waxed and waned through the last two decades, under their involvement more or less, never progressing. Theirs was total editorial control over the CRA newsletter, which ultimately they treated as control over the CRA committee – without having to take on its other major and formal obligations. Murahidy hosted Labour signage on her front fence at election times and gave unprincipled column space to the party’s local interests, in a preference deal. For example Mautner, for the Labour-owned community board, claimed lead of a river water quality improvement group, strategically – once the issue had been popularised loudly by the regional left. Despite Cashmere being a major contributing catchment it was actively refused entry alongside all other neighbourhoods along the river (where Labour held sway), yet Murahidy provided free publicity of annual events. The outright corruption did not end there.

Benefits for Murahidy, and thus Roden, from doing Labour dirty work included stocking the wine-rack and meat freezer with goods donated for CRA purposes, once enough of the purpose had been duly served. So they defended their CRA newsletter monopoly by stealing the emergency drill release of February 2018 – as funded by the Red Cross and belonging to the Cashmere residents, not to them! As Labour support, Murahidy has made fools – of both the police and the district court, by lying the way through these events, denying the event permit CRA had existed when as evidence it does – and also of Roden, for being the one left to the perjure at court. Justice must follow, eventually. Part of the deceit was claiming event preparedness was in parts insufficient, when it had been their offered promise that the parts would be! Dishonest sabotage eroded but could not stop Cashmere’s CREST exercise of February 2018, nor these very long but essential lessons drawn since.

The same reason there was no community preparedness before earthquakes shattered Christchurch is the same reason preparedness currently cannot be built after them – Labour party fracturing and exploitation of communities; their primary method is to instil apparent dependence upon them, by any means necessary. Their actions have never been this well-documented, for balancing them towards community safety.

The cover-up of the Labour-presbyterian crime against Cashmere extended beyond the church circle documented above, to involve city council parties – deeply.

When residents petitioned to recover their torpedoed Association mid-2018, these few were surgically drawn aside and utterly, destructively inveigled and robbed – leaving the rest of the community outside, uninformed and unrepresented.

Former CRA chair and council staff officer Blatchford proposed three trustees take power over CRA affairs – the aforementioned presbyterian Leete, along with Tait and Morrell. Democratic process eludes the trio to this day, at the 2019 CRA AGM most recently, leaving them unelected Labour dictator plants over Cashmere neighbourhood; and robbers too, in that they proposed squandering residents’ funds to disperse them – in another feting party, of course! This proposal would divert a good measure of the CRA reserves to the in-house Labour/city appointees running the loss-making Sign of the Takahe venue, ‘to hire the venue grounds’ etc. Only Covid-19 lockdown could stop this outrageous scam of 22 March 2020.


Tait is an associate of Blatchford, who worked with Richardson to feed her $12,939 as consultant for updating CRA for the digital era based around survey mandate in 2009.[4] Both then walked away, into good council jobs – Richardson to the mayor’s office – but the CRA got over this stall and managed healthy, steady growth and momentum through community earthquake recovery response 2011-17, which is what the 2018-19 robbery has largely and criminally seized back. Richardson has gone on to greater scandal, incidentally.[5]

Morrell is a former 2021 Labour local campaign colleague of Clearwater, so is not an impartial, reliable or respectable actor in this situation. Residential politics must be neutral and apolitical to be inclusive and representative. Instead, this lot have plainly robbed all their neighbours of independent advocacy right.

In 2015, Richardson – on behalf of the city council – oversaw falsification of an official record. A minor matter, but enough to confirm Labour’s corrupting influence upon Christchurch 100%. The issue was a seconder for a motion at community board, that the Labour representative (Potter) wanted changed to give this minuscule ‘credit’ to another Labour rep – it was their motion after all, but this isn’t what happened when the recommended motion had been passed. So the board, under McMahon at the time, falsified their minutes to produce the record that they wanted – 100% credit – with Richardson’s support. A corrupted CCC top to bottom? At least it is the major influence there, to this day. An overt hazard to the public at large, through misplaced values and actions.

The Labour corruption rot does not stop at the Christchurch City Council. Here we find a 2019 new candidate for ECan defrauding voters, by openly stealing a competing brand – that which had upset Labour incumbents in Christchurch for overt conflict of interest around irrigation water development in 2007 –
IMG_20191001_192206-scaled.25-crop. The theft was committed over the Labour campaign authorisation of Jake McLellan, an incoming city councillor (through highly suspicious attack on incumbent Dion Swiggs where cooption of naiive and ambitious youth and their organisations, to any purpose, is hallmark Labour subterfuge organising). Evidence of the Labour ‘Save Our Water’ brand theft is seen in a competing billboard on display in Christchurch at the same time: IMG_20191012_190634-crop

Hughey’s theft (for Labour campaign traction) was a repeat of Lownde’s in 2016, where election rules explicitly prohibit campaigning using the target council’s logo (ECan’s at top left here): Steve-Lowndes-Screenshot-2016-10-crop-scaled.5 Although formal complaint to returning officer Morton goes precisely nowhere, indicating how deeply the New Zealand state is wedded to social-fascist criminality and unreliability as a functioning norm.

Egregious and corrupt governance error has been made, in relation to:
“There is no simple cookie cutter solution when it comes to emergency management and response planning. Every scenario is different and every business is different.. But looking after your people is key“ – Emergency response plans need to put people over profit, Crombie Lockwood, Nov 2019. Our community has been abusively weakened, when re Coronavirus: We need a new vision, based on co-operation not competition, The Press, Apr 2020.

Typical aggressive pettiness failing to reduce a Labour opponent was seen in
Two Dunedin MPs, McDonald’s and a sizzling Twitter beef 14 Feb 2020

Example of the worse-than-hopeless presbyterian clerical link with Labour was seen in the mishaps of David Clark MP, one-time Minister of Health during CoViD-19 pandemic crisis.

Was more Labour ‘insider trading’ at play here, when Police called to calm tensions at Christchurch refugee event, 20 Jul 2020? …
Screenshot at 2020-07-27 13-00-56 … See 7 Aug 2020.

[1] ‘Aotearoa’ is a nineteenth-century colonial construct, for a nation that was formerly firmly divided along iwi rohe / tribal boundary lines and with separate north and south island names.

[2] CREST was the Cashmere Residents Emergency Support Team.

[3] Not Wanted: Cashmere frauds – NZLabour Christchurch CREST, blog post, Nov 2018

[4] OUR project 2007-2009 Cashmere Residents’ Association website

[5] Top council staff ‘manipulated’ reports to hide bad news from councillors and public, Stuff, 14 Nov 2019 + Secrets and lies: Will the public ever know what Christchurch City Council was hiding?, 23 Nov 2019.

[6] Boundary changes put 62,000 people in new electorates across the South Island

[DRAFT #2 – more editing to be done.]